Individual counseling provides an opportunity to talk about personal matters in a private, relaxed environment. We work collaboratively with individuals to help them understand themselves and why they are experiencing their current circumstances. We encourage clients to increase connectedness to those around them, live by their values and improve life satisfaction. We are goal and growth oriented and strive to assist individuals to improve their lives.

Children and Adolescents

Clients are provided a safe and comfortable space to express feelings and learn coping skills to manage their emotions and make good choices. Play therapy is used to help children express themselves and problem solve. Parents are included in treatment planning and encouraged to attend occasional family therapy sessions.



Including both traditional and non-traditional families we bring people together to improve connectedness and communication. We focus on helping parents and children experiencing difficulty in social problems, school, substance use, behavioral problems, divorce adjustments and mood regulation. We build bridges in relationships, developing trust within the family and improving the home atmosphere.


We have experience with a diverse range of couples from various racial, ethnic and spiritual backgrounds. Partners learn to understand each other’s differences and to work together to improve communication, resolve conflicts and create an enjoyable and meaningful relationship.



We offer many groups for adolescents and adults. These groups teach clients skills to manage emotions and social skills to improve communication. Participants also develop trust and receive support and feedback from other group members.

We also provide an Early Intervention Program designed to help adolescents and their families facing problems such as: alcohol or drug use, poor school attendance, overuse of electronics and social media, behavioral issues, school suspensions, legal involvement and peer pressure.

Treatment Specialties

Our Counselors and Therapists provide treatment that is supported by research, is effective and individualized.  Some of our treatment specialties include:

Anxiety                                     Depression                  Bi-Polar

Relationship Issues                Grief / Loss                Substance Abuse

Separation / Divorce              Impulsivity                 Parenting

Behavioral Problems              PTSD                           Self Injury

Emotional / Sexual Abuse    Domestic Violence     ADHD

Autism Spectrum                    Chronic Illness           School Issues

Trauma Recovery                   Failure to Launch     Men's Issues

Women's Issues          Spiritual Difficulties      Anger Management


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